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9 March 2022
By Souad Asla
Playlist by Souad Asla

Edit October 2023: Join Souad Asla at Womex 2023 where she will be performing “Les Héritières - Tribute to Cheikha Rimitti” with Samira Brahmia, Cheikha Hadjla and Nawel Ben Kraïem. On 26 and 27 October at the Pelicano stage.

Souad Asla is one of the leading artists on the Franco-Algerian music scene, and a worthy heir to the rich heritage of southern Algeria, with its traditions and trances that heal the soul.

Here are 10 tracks by artists who have nurtured, inspired, moved and fascinated me with their personality, courage and sensitivity.” Souad Asla


1. Alla - Fondou de Taghit

Alla’s music, which is always improvised, takes me back to my roots. I like to describe Alla as a healer of the soul.”

2. Cheikha Rimitti - Nouar

Cheikha Rimitti is a true avant-gardist who has broken the mould with her free, sensual phrasing. I listened to her for a long time when I was a child, even if I had to hide to do so.”

3. Dimi Mint Abba - Tembarma Zeina

Dimi Mint Abba reminds me of the depths of the desert. A unique voice and technique.”

4. Jil Jilala - Lajwad

Jil Jilala’s repertoire is inspired by rhythmic folk music where each word has its own weight and importance. They have sung a lot about freedom and oppression despite political stifling, this group represents for me a symbol of courage and rebellion.”

5. Toumani & Sidiki Diabaté - Rachid Ouiguini

Toumani Diabaté’s music is both simple and profound. His kora playing is simply exceptional.”

6. Los Van Van - La Habana Si

Los Van Van, a powerful orchestra that makes me dance every time. Their luminous music has accompanied my trips to Cuba.”

7. Gnawa Diffusion - Algeria

Gnawa Diffusion is a legendary group on the Algerian and world music scenes, who gave a big boost to Algerian youth (during the black decade and beyond) with their liberating and brilliantly composed songs.”

8. Oum Keltoum - Enta Omri

Oum Keltoum, the great voice of Cairo and the Arab world. A fascinating singer of the people. This track I’ve selected is as poetic and sensual as she is.”

9. Fela Kuti - Why Black Men Dey Suffer

Fela Kuti has the power to lift me up in my darkest moments. He is a spokesman for the freedom he instils through his art of courage, hope and resistance.”

10. Meiwey - DJ Tassouman

I’d like to end this playlist on a light note with this song with irresistible rhythms by Ivorian artist Meiway, to which I love to dance!”


Souad Asla

Souad Asla
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Souad Asla is a star performer on the Franco-Algerian music scene, and a worthy heir to the rich heritage of southern Algeria, with its traditions and soul-soothing trances. She is bursting with talent and humanity. Her voice takes us to the gates of the desert, while her music, rich in cross-fertilisation, carries a strong identity and a rebellious spirit that gives us a glimpse of the future with hope. Whether with her personal project Jawal, with her group LEMMA (Les divas de la Saoura) or with the “Sahariennes” project, she draws audiences into the tireless atmosphere of the “Lila” with impressive energy and generosity.



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