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Sound cloud helps its musician community

Amid the difficulties encountered by music creators during this time of global lockdown, the platform SoundCloud puts forward solutions for artists’ revenues.

Noticing a massive increase in the number of users since the beginning of the pandemic (50% during the month of March), SoundCloud, the well-known platform hosting musical files geared towards independent artists, has decided to offer new services to its community, in order to assist its members.

In addition to the new button allowing direct donations from the public to the artists, via the service of their choice (PayPal, Kickstarter, Patreon…), the German company has announced on April the 2nd the launch of Repost. In exchange for a 30$ (27,50€) annual subscription, this new platform provides an easy way to manage marketing, distribution, and a favorable monetization of the artists’ music. Musicians will be able to keep 80% of the income generated via Spotify, Apple Music, and around 20 partners, as well as 100% of their income on SoundCloud.


photo : © Rachit Tank - Unsplash

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