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News from M’Toro Chamou - #AuxSons x Womex

Home to a dynamic ecosystem of music from the four corners of the globe, French productions often strongly represented at Womex, one of the most international and diverse music events in the world. Every year, artists are selected to present their work to an audience of music professionals, expanding their networks and developing international opportunities. As a partner of the 2023 Womex edition, #AuxSons reaches out to some of these artists who have played on the Womex stage!

M’Toro Chamouwas selected at Womex 2002! Before listen to his commented playlist, #AuxSons catches up with his journey since then.

- What was your best memory from Womex 2002 ?

« My exit from the stage, where a lot of professionals came up to me with their cards. Well, it was a bit complicated to understand each other, given my broken English, but with gestures you can get by! »

- What did it mean to be selected at Womex 2002?

« I was young and I don’t think I was really aware of what was going on. It was my first time playing abroad. It was really exciting to play in front of all these professionals from all over the world and I was really happy, because there was a really nice turnout at my showcase. They stayed until the end of the concert, and that was really gratifying! »

- What advice would you give to an artist performing there for the first time?

« To be well surrounded! Which wasn’t the case for me. I was represented by the Mayotte cultural service. Nobody represented me on site and I didn’t speak a word of English. I left Womex with lots of cards from international professionals, obtained following my showcase, and no-one from the cultural department was able to do anything… »

- What opportunities did you get out of it?

« It gave me recognition from the professionals and especially from the media. The same media that support me to this day and allow me to exist. »

- What have been the highlights of your journey since 2002 ?

« Since 2002, I’ve released 4 albums and played on major stages around the world. These include Les Transmusicales de Rennes in 2004, a tour of Africa including the Sauti Za Busara festival… a magical stage! My last album release at the New Morning, where the atmosphere was incredible. And all the work I’ve done in La Réunion with my band. »

M’Toro Chamou dévoile son nouveau clip M’Godro Rebel

- Que vous réserve l’avenir ?

« I’m currently putting the finishing touches to my latest album. Stay tuned! »

Playlist de M’Toro Chamou

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