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Sing Me A Song

Arshid Azarine
Melmax Music/Disques Dom-Forlane - Release 28/06/2019

The Ira­nian pia­nist Arshid Aza­rine has reu­ni­ted the most beau­ti­ful voices of Iran on his new album… There such great voices !

We can lis­ten to Roya Arab, Sus­san Dey­him, Niaz Nawab and sin­gers like Habib Mef­tah Bou­sheh­ri, Amir Rafaa­ti, or Makan Ashgvari.

Arshid Aza­rine com­po­sed music with jazz sounds but also mix it with elec­tro and even tango…

To asso­ciate a mythi­cal song like Mara­be­boos (well known to all Ira­nians) with a tan­go rhythm may seem strange, but the result is more than satis­fying. This is the same alche­my on The Val­ley Of Love, per­for­med by the sin­ger Niaz Nawab. On Baran, Amir Rafaa­ti and his soa­ring vocals in the pure­ly Ira­nian style of the Avaz fits per­fect­ly with jazz har­mo­nies.

This kind of fusion bet­ween East and West have rare­ly yiel­ded such good results. The album was made in Paris with recor­dings from Lon­don, Teh­ran and Los Angeles where some of the per­for­mers live.

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