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Music Is For Kids

Big Scoop Records - Release 18/11/2019

Fatbabs will release his first album « Music Is For Kids » on 18 November. There are an impressive number of guest stars on this new record like Naâman, Sizzla, Half Portion, Soom T, Jahneration, Marcus Gad, Volodya, Kenyon, Naë, Francis, Scars, Mardjenal, Cheeko, D’Clik, Mood Supachild, Joey Larse, Rachel Lacroix, Jazz P, MC Kaur, Floretha, Madeline and Adil Smaali, they’re all here !

Fatbabs is a beatmaker, a producer and a director since 2011. In a word, he is anything but a beginner.

The music is ageless but it often brings out our childish side and it was the thread of his album which came out on the Big Scoop Records label, same label of his partner Naâman for whom he is also the beatmaker for many years.

Fatbabs shows that he is comfortable with all genres of music like reggae, soul, funk and hip hop, as long as it make people dance. Filled with good vibes, let’s listen to this album and watch the first clip, « Sad Owl », with the participation of Rachel Lacroix.

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