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Luis de la Carrasca
Andalouse Alhambra / In Ouïe Distribution - Release 11/10/2019

Luis de la Carrasca will be released his new Albus « Gharnata » on Friday, October 11, 2019 at Andalouse Alhambra / In Ouïe Distribution.

« Gharnata means Granada in Arabic. Why did I chose this title ? Because as a Grenadin, I am aware of the heritage left by this extraordinary civilization at its peak. Al Andalus has given us an example of coexistence, a way of life and a huge culture with a big C., whether in painting, poetry, crafts, science and especially music.

The lyrics of my words are a tribute to the essential values to humanity at all times. Respect, coexistence, tolerance, generosity, will, faith, kindness and the most fundamental: love, neighbor, life, earth, nature…

However, I also felt the need to talk about the importance of our roots, the reference that guides us to the future without forgetting who we are and where we become.

Family is the fundamental pillar of healthy and strong morality that allows us to live in harmony with oneself.

Finally, is also a tribute to the memory of great geniuses like Federico García Lorca, Antonio Machado and le grand Bizet. There all constitute an essential and unforgettable heritage for humanity. » Luis de la Carrasca

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