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Luis de la Carrasca
Andalouse Alhambra / In Ouïe Distribution - Release 11/10/2019

Luis de la Car­ras­ca will be relea­sed his new Albus « Ghar­na­ta » on Fri­day, Octo­ber 11, 2019 at Anda­louse Alham­bra / In Ouïe Distribution.

« Ghar­na­ta means Gra­na­da in Ara­bic. Why did I chose this title ? Because as a Gre­na­din, I am aware of the heri­tage left by this extra­or­di­na­ry civi­li­za­tion at its peak. Al Anda­lus has given us an example of coexis­tence, a way of life and a huge culture with a big C., whe­ther in pain­ting, poe­try, crafts, science and espe­cial­ly music.

The lyrics of my words are a tri­bute to the essen­tial values to huma­ni­ty at all times. Res­pect, coexis­tence, tole­rance, gene­ro­si­ty, will, faith, kind­ness and the most fun­da­men­tal : love, neigh­bor, life, earth, nature…

Howe­ver, I also felt the need to talk about the impor­tance of our roots, the refe­rence that guides us to the future without for­get­ting who we are and where we become.

Fami­ly is the fun­da­men­tal pillar of heal­thy and strong mora­li­ty that allows us to live in har­mo­ny with oneself.

Final­ly, is also a tri­bute to the memo­ry of great geniuses like Fede­ri­co García Lor­ca, Anto­nio Macha­do and le grand Bizet. There all consti­tute an essen­tial and unfor­get­table heri­tage for huma­ni­ty. » Luis de la Carrasca

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