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Big Wheel

Thomas Grimmonprez
Outnote - Release 23/08/2019

The jazz drummer, Thomas Grimmonprez, continued to be in great demand but somehow he found time to record a third album after « Blue » and « Kaleidoscope ». His music goes to the heart and make us move with its dancing rhythms and singing melodies.

Sideman, as efficient as he is discreet, the rhythm master of the Stéphane Kerecki trio, the faithful percussionist has again made an ambitious and personal album, which bring together energy and precision, solidity and lightness, dusting the melody in just a few brush strokes.

Supported by Manu Codjia, Jérôme Regnard and Benjamin Moussay, Thomas Grimmonprez offers through nine sound paintings a real emotional and musical dive.

« The symbolism of this big wheel inspires myths and sacred themes, it refers to the idea of ​​perfection as the circle, to the movement, the becoming and the evolution. It is also the beginning, the perpetual creation. It is this idea of ​​cycle and recommencement that made me want to write this album, a new songbook with my forever companions. »

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