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9 February 2023
By Isé
Playlist by Isé

Nigerian singer and songwriter Ifé reworks traditional Igbo folk songs to inject her alternative highlife, sometimes tinged with afro-soul, pop and many other styles. Ifé contributes to the revival of highlife and the Igbo cultural renaissance. In her playlist for #AuxSons, she celebrates the blossoming of modern African music and involves us in her fight for girls’ access to education.


1. Ifé - 1967 (Ife Melu)

« This song describes an unforgettable fate, a resilient spirit and a memorial stone for posterity to carve on. It is a song that tells the story of 3 million women and children starved and killed during the Biafran genocide. This song is considered The Biafran Heroes Remembrance song, that Even in death, we shall forever remember them and their sacrifices. »

2. Nomfusi - Iqaqa

« IQAQA by South African singer-songwriter @Nomfusi is a song about a love relationship. The Xhosa idiom “Iqaqa aliziva kunuka” means “the skunk does not smell itself” which refers to the fact that people often are unable to recognize their own faults. The official music video for IQAQA was shot in Brixton, a historically rich district in the heart of Johannesburg and at the legendary Roving Bantu venue. »

3. Burna Boy - Monsters You Made 

« A song that reflects on the bad governance in Nigeria and the implication that comes with the government not empowering the youths. »

4. Yemi Alade, Angelique Kidjo - Shekere 

« A song that celebrates the beauty of the African woman, her resilience and uniqueness. »

5. Sona Jobarteh - Gambia

« Sona Jobarteh’s debut music video “Gambia” in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Independence for the Gambia in 2015. This video features the traditional Mandinka Drum called the ‘Seruba’, an instrument no longer featured much in Gambian mainstream society. By featuring the drum in this song, Sona aims not only to resonate with the deep history of the Mandinka people, but also to boost and promote awareness of this instrument both in the Gambia and internationally. »

6. Aka Blay - Take Away ft. Cabum

« Aka Blay from Ghana celebrates the lifestyle and uniqueness of Ghanaian metropolitans. »

7.  Krys M - Chacun Sa Chance

« KRYS M Celebrates Cameroon culture through sounds, dance and melodies. »

8. Afrie - I am an African Girl (Let Her Know Remix) ft. Ifé & Smarty

«I Am An African Girl” is the theme song for the #AfricaEducatesHer campaign, a rallying call to Africa’s leaders, education stakeholders, and youth to take action that safeguards African girls and women’s education during and post the COVID-19 school-related lockdowns and disruptions. This collaborative song was done by Afrie (from Uganda) ft Ifé (from Nigeria) and Smarty (Burkina Faso) and was co-produced by the AU/CIEFFA. The song is an official remix of Afrie’s song “Let Her Know”. Millions of girls in Africa are out of school due to COVID-19 related disruptions and are at risk of never returning to the classroom. We call on Africa to make a stand for girls and take action that ensures girls return to school!»

9. Bracket - African Woman

« Bracket holds nothing back as they celebrate the African woman. »

10. Chiké - Hard to Find ft. Flavour 

« Chike discovers true love in the most unconventional way. »



Ifé - Onyedikachukwu Ibedu (joez).
Ifé - © Onyedikachukwu Ibedu (joez)

Life has been about singing for Ifechukwu Mercy Michael professionally known as Ifé. She was born in a family where singing was the norm. Her father and mother were professional Singers who recorded three (3) albums at their peak.

Ifé at the age of five (5) started writing books, poetry and drawing paintings and joined the chorus of tradition of music that engulfed her household. She has remained a full embodiment of Art till this day. As a primary school pupil, her books were being used for examinations in classes that were way above her. It was first of its kind. She has remained an exceptional writer and this reflects in her song writing and other works of Art she creates.

Ifé attended the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka Nigeria where she studied and graduated with a degree in Music and Performing Arts. While a Student, Ifé picked up playing the guitar, keyboard, Igbo traditional Ubo-aka and other percussion instruments.

Ifé in her insatiable quest for knowledge moved ahead to acquire the Music Business Education from the Music Business Academy for Africa (MBA) in Lagos, Nigeria. Where she studied Copyright laws, Touring, Events, Management, Music Promotion/Marketing, A&R etc. This sets her apart as a full musician who understands the business too.

The Multi-talented Nigerian born Singer, Songwriter and performing Artiste, whose state of origin is Anambra (Umuawulu, Awka South LGA), centers her music on African culture and Heritage. Advocacy for the girl-child, women and mother tongue. This motivates her to research into traditional Igbo folk songs and recycle them into the Afro-Soul genre, Alternative Highlife and Pop idioms. The Results are compelling, and a futuristic adventure for new sounds in music. Her Music journey remains adventurous as she also explores with different sounds. Her discography is above twenty-six (26) away from features from other artistes. She has had many international collaborations and more.

Ifé represents many African souls seeking to journey home, seeking to have a feel of the African ideals and to represent these ideals. It takes calling to discern such journey, courage to begin it and tenacity to remain undeterred. She is set to journey almost forever on that path she is convinced that leads home.

More so, Ifé contributes in her measures to the growth of modern African music and musicianship. With performances around Africa, other parts of the world and awards won by her, It is safe therefore to say that truly, Ifé represents the hope in Igbo cultural Renaissance and a force in the promotion of Igbo and African culture. She also headlines her own yearly concert tagged “Ifé And YOU” Concert.

Ifé is a champion of the African Union/Center for Girls and Women Education in Africa on their #AfricaEducatesHer Campaign. She stands in solidarity using her music and artistry to Campaign for education for the girl-child in Africa and the fight against early girl-child marriage.

Ifé is part of the team that always come together all over Africa on the project theme “Culture as a tool for healing”. This is a Community and National Outreach initiative that kicked off in South Africa. It is targeted at everyone that has lost a loved one, jobs etc. Due to Corona Virus. This is a journey to initiate healing process through music, Performing Arts and Poetry.

Ifé has performed at festivals and concerts in Togo, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Abidjan, Cameroon, New York, Canada etc.

During her recent interview on BBC News Africa – Focus in Africa, she maintained that her language, roots and culture makes her standout and builds a great uniqueness around her style of music and artistry in total.

You can find Ifé on all social media platforms through the following handles;

Twitter/Instagram/TikTok: @ife_musiq

Facebook: @Ifemusiq

YouTube: Ifé 

Discography (Audios/Videos): https://​linktr​.ee/​I​f​e​m​u​siq

Management Phone contacts: +2348063305524, +2349024731872.

Email: kenechukwuibedu@gmail.com or businesswithife@gmail.com

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