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#Asísuenachile, sharing and supporting Chilean music during lockdown

In Chile as in the whole world, artists are heavily affected by the lockdown and social distancing. With the “Así suena Chile” campaign, citizens are committing to support Chilean music on streaming platforms and social media.

The idea is simple: everyone is invited to create a playlist dedicated to Chilean artists on their usual streaming platform (Spotify, Deezer, Applemusic, Tidal, YoutubeMusic…), using the hashtag #Asísuenachile and to share it on social media.

A way of promoting the dissemination of artists which generates more streams and helps their remuneration on platforms.

To discover and share the multiple horizons of Chilean music, visit the streaming platforms with the hashtag #AsísuenaChile or simply by searching « Así suena Chile »!


Listen to the Spotify Playlist #Asísuenachile.

© photo : Así suena Chile, LOS40 Chile

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