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#Asísuenachile, sharing and supporting Chilean music during lockdown

In Chile as in the whole world, artists are hea­vi­ly affec­ted by the lock­down and social dis­tan­cing. With the “Así sue­na Chile” cam­pai­gn, citi­zens are com­mit­ting to sup­port Chi­lean music on strea­ming plat­forms and social media.

The idea is simple : eve­ryone is invi­ted to create a play­list dedi­ca­ted to Chi­lean artists on their usual strea­ming plat­form (Spo­ti­fy, Dee­zer, Apple­mu­sic, Tidal, You­tu­be­Mu­sic…), using the hash­tag #Así­sue­na­chile and to share it on social media.

A way of pro­mo­ting the dis­se­mi­na­tion of artists which gene­rates more streams and helps their remu­ne­ra­tion on platforms.

To dis­co­ver and share the mul­tiple hori­zons of Chi­lean music, visit the strea­ming plat­forms with the hash­tag #Así­sue­na­Chile or sim­ply by sear­ching « Así sue­na Chile » !


Lis­ten to the Spo­ti­fy Play­list #Así­sue­na­chile.

© pho­to : Así sue­na Chile, LOS40 Chile

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