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Les souvenirs de demain

Mister Klof
Production LA GRANGE À SONS / Distribution INOUÏE DISTRIBUTION - Release 27/09/2019

Mis­ter Klof conti­nues with a fourth album, “The memo­ries of tomor­row”, a mix of class, vita­li­ty and musi­cal inge­nious­ness that can be heard just as well as it can be danced.

Mis­ter Klof (“Folk” back­wards) is com­po­sed of four musi­cians who skill­ful­ly handle gui­tar, flute, bag­pipe and accordion.

They are ins­pi­red from their res­pec­tive cultures : jazz, tra­di­tio­nal Bre­tagne and Auvergne music, the « musette », all encom­pas­sed by Irish music. To suc­ceed, the band mem­bers bring a par­ti­cu­lar care to the arran­ge­ments, as much for the tra­di­tio­nal musics that they inter­pret as for their own com­po­si­tions. More than half of the titles are com­po­sed by the band.

« Bour­rées » in quick time, roman­tic mazur­kas, Cir­cas­sian circles with Irish influences, tur­ning waltzes …

Mis­ter Klof offers to the dan­cers from France and Europe the most folk exci­ted bals.

A mix of folk music, swing, rock’n’­roll and rhythm & blues.

The quar­tet of folk (Klof back­wards), ico­no­clas­tic and in the tra­di­tion, with many jazz rhythms, a music that we love. A pret­ty, rich and bright album for the return from the sum­mer holi­days. “Bru­no Pfeif­fer – Libération.fr



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