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La Clique Production - Release 21/06/2019

Following their album « Envol », the vocal trio JOULIK embarks on a journey in unknown territories to explore harmonic and dreamlike landscapes, invents and collects languages ​​that answer and challenge each other to finally build a joyful tower of Babel.

« Envol » is at once melancholic, touching, intimate and even mischievous and playful. This folk-music with nomadic poetry sounds like the promise of a universal song.

Those melodies - sometimes polyphonic - cover such a field of emotions, because they find a royal way with the notes of an accordion, a cello, a guitar, an oud and a mandola which mixing their strings and chords into odd rhythms or quarter-tones that liberally break any border. Everything becomes possible.

From Morenika to la Serena, this album is composed of eleven tracks, mostly compositions. We can discover an incredible palette of feelings with percussions that crackle and voices that reveals the metamorphosis of a trio with wings beautifully deployed.

A crew sharing a captivating infusion of musical genres: accordionist-singer Mélissa Zantman, guitar-mandolist Robin Celse and cellist Claire Menguy are a trio highlighting the diversity of languages.

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