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Big Wheel

Thomas Grimmonprez
Outnote - Release 23/08/2019

The jazz drum­mer, Tho­mas Grim­mon­prez, conti­nued to be in great demand but some­how he found time to record a third album after « Blue » and « Kalei­do­scope ». His music goes to the heart and make us move with its dan­cing rhythms and sin­ging melodies.

Side­man, as effi­cient as he is dis­creet, the rhythm mas­ter of the Sté­phane Kere­cki trio, the fai­th­ful per­cus­sio­nist has again made an ambi­tious and per­so­nal album, which bring toge­ther ener­gy and pre­ci­sion, soli­di­ty and light­ness, dus­ting the melo­dy in just a few brush strokes.

Sup­por­ted by Manu Cod­jia, Jérôme Regnard and Ben­ja­min Mous­say, Tho­mas Grim­mon­prez offers through nine sound pain­tings a real emo­tio­nal and musi­cal dive.

« The sym­bo­lism of this big wheel ins­pires myths and sacred themes, it refers to the idea of ​​per­fec­tion as the circle, to the move­ment, the beco­ming and the evo­lu­tion. It is also the begin­ning, the per­pe­tual crea­tion. It is this idea of ​​cycle and recom­men­ce­ment that made me want to write this album, a new song­book with my fore­ver companions. »

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