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Afro Bolero ft. Angelique Kidjo & Mo Laudi by Philippe Cohen Solal (Gotan Project)

Philippe Cohen Solal, Angelique Kidjo, Mo Laudi
¡Ya Basta ! Records - Release 12/06/2020

In the begin­ning was the rhythm. I must admit that ini­tial­ly, I had no inten­tion of being ins­pi­red by Ravel’s Bole­ro more than by its rhyth­mic figure, these famous two mea­sures of osti­na­tos repea­ted 169 times by the snare drum. As often, I like to confront a secu­lar rhythm with elec­tro­nic music 2.0 in order to blur the dance floors. When Mo Lau­di, a Paris-based South Afri­can DJ, joi­ned me in the stu­dio, he deli­ve­red a great rap full of posi­tive ener­gy and geo­po­li­ti­cal rhymes, from Patrice Lumum­ba to Biko and from Congo to São Pao­lo. Then Queen Ange­lique Kid­jo, like a divine diva, fer­vent­ly sang her hymn “Lon­lon” in the Mina lan­guage, where the Afro lite­ral­ly meets the Bolero.

We will not for­get the fine team that allo­wed me to cook up this sacred cock­tail : Flamme Kapaya, outs­tan­ding Congo­lese gui­ta­rist, the Pari­sian DJ-beat­ma­ker Lazy Flow and the late Hilaire Pen­da, Came­roo­nian bass player and an active mem­ber of the Pari­sian afri­can musi­cal scene, who unfor­tu­na­te­ly left us since. Benin, South Afri­ca, Congo and Came­roon meet in Paname, the capi­tal of World Sounds, but the musi­cal adven­ture did not stop there. The remixes take us straight to Lon­don with Poté, to Ber­lin with Daniel Haaks­man and to Johan­nes­burg with the super-group Batuk for­med by the god­fa­ther of the Afri­can elec­tro Spoek Matham­bo, the kwai­to maes­tro Aero Manye­lo, and the Mozam­bi­can sin­ger Manteiga.

At a time when tra­vel is pro­hi­bi­ted or not recom­men­ded, let’s be gra­te­ful, for music does not need cer­ti­fi­cates or pas­sports and knows no borders.


  • Phi­lippe Cohen Solal

Angé­lique Kid­jo (Vocals)
Mo Lau­di (Vocals)
Mwe­ni Flamme Kapaya (Gui­tar)
Hilaire Pen­da (Bass)
Lazy Flow (Pro­gram­ming)
Phi­lippe Cohen Solal (Key­boards, Programming)

Lis­ten below or stream here : http://​smar​turl​.it/​a​f​r​o​b​o​l​ero

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