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5 July 2022
By Total Hip Replacement
Playlist by Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement, the grooviest orchestra in Denmark, shares a playlist made of musical hybrids and fusions. Commented by Victor West Hosbond, lead vocalist and trombonist, these tracks are in the image of their latest album Anyankofo, recorded in Ghana with some of the top-level highlife musicians. A little warming up before their summer tour !


1. Jemba Groove - Bassa Bassa

« Afro-fusion is on the rise, and this cool band from Ghana/Germany is doing a fresh and heart warm take on highlife/afro/soul. Debut album just released. » Victor West Hosbond

2. Girls in Airports - Broke

« Danish jazz/groove band with a very unique sound. This track has such a nice groove and very cool mix with drums and bells having just the right metallic feel to it. » Victor West Hosbond

3. Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band - Gyae Su

« The grandmaster of Ghanaian highlife. This track is so lively and well played, and Pat Thomas voice is powerful and charming. We were lucky enough to record our new album with both Pat and his producer Kwame Yeboah. » Victor West Hosbond

4. Guiding Star Orchestra - Planting Trees

« Deep and organic reggae played by Danish collective Guiding Star Orchestra. I love how they stay true to the roots, while bringing in a modern sound and jazzy feel to reggae music. » Victor West Hosbond


5. Kutimangoes - Money is the Curse 
« I love when things get serious in groovy music and this track has a very ominous vibe. The anti-capitalistic title seems very fitting to the mood of the song. Again a Danish band that has taken afrobeat and brought it in a new direction. » Victor West Hosbond


6. AySay - Nerelisin
« Going to a different musical hybrid, we have Danish/Kurdish AySay who are taking Denmark by storm with their Anatolian funk/pop. » Victor West Hosbond


7. Hollie Cook - Happy Hour
« Dope steppers reggae coming from UK! Lovely voice and atmosphere. » Victor West Hosbond


8. Fat Freddys Drop - 10 feet tall
« We are huge fans of Fat Freddy´s and they have been a great inspiration to us. This track is just a pure joy and his voice is so pure.. » Victor West Hosbond


9. Santrofi - Alewa 

« Santrofi is bringing classic highlife out to the world in style! A very strong live band and just a very symphathetic band, which I think is a great message to send out these days. We had the luck to work with them as well, while we were in Ghana! » Victor West Hosbond

10. Death By Dub - Special Request

« Cool american Dub music! Awesome horns and groove. » Victor West Hosbond


Total Hip Replacement

2 Ekownaad Entertainment
2 Ekownaad Entertainment

Total Hip Replacement is a groovy 7-piece orchestra known for its energetic and unique live concerts. Playfully the band band operates between the organic and the electronic, where heavy grooves, warm brass and intense synthesizers meet in a musical landscape that is dark and longing, but full of hopeful energy. Total Hip Replacement will, at a time when mental health, political security and global humanitarian conditions are under pressure, remind the world of the importance of coming together across classes and cultures. With a text universe that invites to reflection, the audience is taken on a transcendent, ecstatic journey, where the boundary between musician and listener is blurred in the heat of battle.

From the very beginning, the main energy and passion that pushed the band forward was performing live, and this has resulted in 250 concerts in 10 different countries around the world, from Ghana to Greenland, in music venues and international and Danish festivals such as Smukfest, SPOT, G! Festival and Iceland Airwaves.

In 2022 the band released a collaborative album “Anyankofo” recorded in Ghana with some of the top-level highlife musicians and featuring Kwame Yeboah, Pat Thomas, Rocky Dawuni, Worlasi and many more. The band went on touring in Ghana, Greenland, Denmark and Germany with the Ghanian guest musicians in the spring.
They will perform on the 7th of July at festival « Musiques d’Ici et d’Ailleurs » in Chalons en Champagne, the 8th of July at « En Nord Beat » in Bailleul and the 9th of July at « Mini Festoche » in Flaya. All concerts dates : https://​www​.totalhipreplacement​.dk/​t​our
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