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Pantxix unveils his new video clip “Ezin esan” directed by Ateliers Uztaro

Pantxix unveils his new video clip “Ezin esan” direc­ted by Ate­liers Uzta­ro as part of the release of his new album.

This pro­li­fic artist invites us to dis­co­ver his first solo album entit­led “eHe – errare Huma­num est”, and thus to enter a par­ti­cu­lar uni­verse where rea­lism and drea­ming coexist. Com­po­sed of ten tracks crea­ted by Pantxix over the past twen­ty years, this album is built on simple, hyp­no­ti­cal gui­tar riffs, which allow total free­dom to his voice and the expres­sion of the lyrics. The hard-wor­king sin­ger draws his main influences from the reper­toire of Basque song, 70’s rock and Malian blues.


More about Pantxix : Here

Direc­tion : Ate­liers Uzta­ro

Pro­duc­tion : Belar­ri



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