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Music from here - special edition” : Arab music & innovation during quarantine

The current pandemic poses many questions among artists around the world. How can we use art to re-imagine the world of tomorrow? Or to express pain, concerns, and hopes during this time of lockdown?

This situation calls for testing new tools that allow continuity of the artistic experience through the only safe medium available now: the Internet. So far, musicians around the world have used recording tools such as Home Studios or Home Recording techniques. This can be an important step towards updating the music content in the future and inventing new artistic forms.

In response to the current global lockdown, the Egyptian project “Nowhere Online Music Platform invites Arab musicians and bands residing in the Arab region and abroad to send the musical works they have produced during the quarantine. Platform will issue a special volume of the album “Music from Here”, available online to stream or download for free.

The Nowhere Online Music Platform, aspires to discover musical works produced by Arab musicians and their partners around the world, using different production techniques inside their homes and with different production possibilities.

The goal is not to provide musical works that talk directly about the ban or infections or even Covid-19 around the world. The goal is rather to discover musical works that carry a good technical contribution, and which were produced during the lockdown. Platform aims to archive those materials so that anyone can reference them someday in the future.

The invitation is open to Arab artists residing in the Arab region and abroad and their partners around the world. All musical genres and shapes are welcome.

- The bands or musicians chosen for the last selection will receive a payment for the use of the music product.
- All works submitted for participation will be put on the Platform website for listening in addition to announcing them on social media.
- The final selection process for the winning works will be carried out through different stages (the best thirty music works from the audience’s selection and then the final selection of a music committee across the Arab world that includes directors, critics, and musicians from the Arab world).
- Applying for participation from 5th May 2020 to 5th June 2020
- First selection June 15, 2020
- Final selection June 30, 2020

You can apply here.

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