Central American electronic music creates tracks with endangered birds singing, to support non-profits fostering biodiversity.

The Label Shi­ka Shi­ka conti­nues its acti­vi­ties to pro­tect bio­di­ver­si­ty with elec­tro­nic music tracks fea­tu­ring recor­dings of endan­ge­red birds.

The first « bird­song » album, pro­du­ced in 2015 and dedi­ca­ted to South-Ame­ri­can birds, brought toge­ther Nico­la Cruz, Chan­cha Vía Cir­cui­to, Matan­za, Lula­cru­za, Bar­rio Lin­do, and Dengue Dengue Dengue. Around 50 000 dol­lars of the pro­ceeds were dona­ted to non-pro­fits pro­tec­ting South-Ame­ri­can Birds.

Today, while 25 000 spe­cies are endan­ge­red with extinc­tion in the 6th masse extinc­tion, the Label Shi­ka Shi­ka repeats its ini­tia­tive with birds of Mexi­co, Cen­tral Ame­ri­ca, and The Caribbean.

The first single relea­sed is ‘Black Cat­bird’ crea­ted by The Gari­fu­na Col­lec­tive from Belize. The track covers the song of the Black cat­bird (Mela­nop­ti­la gla­bri­ros­tris), a Cen­tral Ame­ri­can spe­cies whose popu­la­tion is threa­te­ned with extinc­tion in the near future due to habi­tat loss.


The pro­ceeds of the album « Guide to the Bird­song of Mexi­co, Cen­tral Ame­ri­ca & the Carib­bean. » will be dona­ted to non-pro­fits dedi­ca­ted to orni­tho­lo­gy in Cos­ta Rica, Mexi­co, and The Carib­bean. Robin Per­kins, the co-foun­der of the Label Shi­ka Shi­ka, pre­sents the pro­ject and the spon­so­red non-profits :



You can lis­ten to the first single, pre-order the album and sup­port the pro­ject on the web­site of the Shi­ka Shi­ka Label.


© pho­to – « Guide to the Bird­song of Mexi­co, Cen­tral Ame­ri­ca & the Carib­bean » – Label Shi­ka Shika

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