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Times of Maharajas

Dhoad, Les Gitans du Rajasthan
Arc Music Production - Release 28/06/2019

From Rajasthan, heir to an illustrious family of Maharajas musicians, “Little Prince” Rahis Bharti is the leader of the Gypsies of Rajasthan program.

He dragged his tabla and all the beauty of his country in his luggage. In their words, in the songs, it is Hindu princesses who are waiting for the rain. The bitter memory of the old deserts, the illustrious palaces of the kings of old and always the languorous appeal of the beloved and the thirsty.

An heated interlude out of time and borders. Thanks to them, the whole Indian cultural history is revealed, an oral tradition transmitted for seven generations. Today, Rahis Bharti is at the head of an empire. More than a thousand concerts around the world have made Dhoad, the gypsies of Rajasthan, the cultural ambassador of Rajasthan.




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