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Sing Me A Song

Arshid Azarine
Melmax Music/Disques Dom-Forlane - Release 28/06/2019

The Iranian pianist Arshid Azarine has reunited the most beautiful voices of Iran on his new album… There such great voices!

We can listen to Roya Arab, Sussan Deyhim, Niaz Nawab and singers like Habib Meftah Boushehri, Amir Rafaati, or Makan Ashgvari.

Arshid Azarine composed music with jazz sounds but also mix it with electro and even tango…

To associate a mythical song like Marabeboos (well known to all Iranians) with a tango rhythm may seem strange, but the result is more than satisfying. This is the same alchemy on The Valley Of Love, performed by the singer Niaz Nawab. On Baran, Amir Rafaati and his soaring vocals in the purely Iranian style of the Avaz fits perfectly with jazz harmonies.

This kind of fusion between East and West have rarely yielded such good results. The album was made in Paris with recordings from London, Tehran and Los Angeles where some of the performers live.

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