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Ibrahim Maalouf
Mister Ibé - Release 27/09/2019

Ibra­him Maa­louf is back on Sep­tem­ber 27 with his ele­venth album S3NS, the trum­pe­ter turns to Cuban music in a suc­cess­ful way.

Ibra­him Maa­louf relea­sed Hap­py Face, from the S3NS album. There are many guests on this record like Harold Lopez Nus­sa, Alfre­do Rodri­guez and Rober­to Fon­se­ca, as well as saxo­pho­nist Irving Acao and vio­li­nist Yilian Cañi­zares. Ibra­him had been quo­ting Diz­zy Gil­les­pie for years as one of his first ins­pi­ra­tions. He had also cove­red his title “Night in Tuni­sia” in his first album Dia­spo­ras in 2007.

After 10 stu­dio albums, 2 live boxes, seve­ral Vic­toires de la musique and many awards, Ibra­him Maa­louf conti­nues his musi­cal adven­tures and crosses the Atlan­tic Ocean for a fusion of Latin and jazz rhythms.

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