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Poetry In Motion

The Soul Rebels
Mack Avenue - Release 25/10/2019

Seven years after the release of their latest album “Unlock Your Mind”, which has made them known throu­ghout the world, The Soul Rebels release their new album “Poe­try in motion” on Octo­ber 25th !

The band which sedu­ced the audience on their Wu-Tang Clan, Rol­ling Stones and high-pro­file per­for­mances with Katy Per­ry – is pre­pa­ring to release its new album via the Rebe­lu­tion Music Group label, dis­tri­bu­ted by Artis­try Music / Mack Ave­nue Music Group.

The Soul Rebels are an eight-piece brass ensemble based in New Orleans incor­po­ra­ting soul, jazz, funk, hip-hop, rock and pop music in a contem­po­ra­ry brass band set­ting. On the new album are guests like Robert Glas­per, Trom­bone Shor­ty, Bran­ford Mar­sa­lis, PJ Mor­ton, Big Free­dia and many more.

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