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Rainbow Sahana
Aurasky Music/The Orchard - Release 14/06/2019

Rain­bow Saha­na’s 2nd EP is a suc­cess­ful fusion of Indian music, electro/pop and reg­gae­ton. With their very ori­gi­nal musi­cal style, the Man­gua­la­tone, the 6 tracks on the EP, inclu­ding the magni­ficent « Ava­tar de l’Amour » , high­light a paci­fist, eco­lo­gi­cal and spi­ri­tual ideology.

The Fran­co Indian duet, both pas­sio­nate about world and elec­tro­nic music, are gui­ded by the pea­ce­ful vir­tues of the cultu­ral and musi­cal diver­si­ty. A bet­ter world floa­ting in a sub­li­mi­nal elec­tro atmos­phere in the rain­bow colors. (Ca Paname Blog)

A bewit­ched atmos­phere, a cap­ti­va­ting varia­tion of down­tem­po elec­tro­nic music. This is an almost a spi­ri­tual expe­rience for the bass heads, without pou­ring into psy­trance cli­chés or any par­ti­cu­lar style.

As exo­tic as it is explo­ra­to­ry, there is an unsus­pec­ted sonic refi­ne­ment ! (Bou­li­mique de Musique)

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