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Cuba Libre Grupo
Aurasky Music/The Orchard - Release 28/06/2019

The first album of Cuba Libre Grupo re-mixed and re-mastered. 100% made in Cuba music in the language of Molière! There is already two albums made in Trinidad Cuba #Marinero & #Navegador.

Cuba Libre Grupo are Cuban musicians and a navigator, Tonio Thula, who know by heart the famous traditional song book of Cuba.

In Trinidad, a city in the south of the island, they have just recorded a new album, in the pure Cuban Salsa tradition, but singing their lyrics in French. The resulti is a breathtaking cocktail of Cuban-French flavors that will give you immediately the desire to dance. Great joy as well as good humor in their songs, a flip-flop and a not hunted to better understand the warmth and the generosity of Cuban music, and look to our behavior with a mischievous eye!

It’s fresh, it’s gay, well said, and it changes!

2 unpublished remixes: Tchik Tchik Cyrilik and DH

Playlisted on #FIP national radio! And on Radio Latina!

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