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Idi Fi Idek [Mbkong Remix]

Siêm Folknomade
Sheepify - Release 29/06/2020

«A year and a half after my first EP #BlackSeepColorist, time for a new capture of exile, with the exclusive remix of «Idi Fi Idek» by the neo soul artist & producer Bonnie Boo aka Mbkong. The intact melancholy, invites a urban color pulse & a vaporous trap, which always makes the heart beat, more than ever nomadic. Inspired by a sentimental Africa through nomadic horizons, the African heritage of tradition, the resilience of orality & the divine freedom of poetry, I am a storyteller. A forced exile of two fallen hearts, two obliging hearts, may be too much in love, to love each other under the eyes of the persian shutters.»

Praise of the loss.

To the exil of the glance, the absence of the skin is more indelible than one of the earth. Leave the sea. Live an ocean. To my lost soul, forget & breathe.

«A poetic light on African musics & cultures.» Africanlinks

«Neo Berberian landscapes of an almost amorous memory, add a future to her soul in exile.» Djolo culture d’Afrique


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Artwork ©AmirAlizadeh, Teheran, Iran & ©SiêmFolknomade.

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