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De Kaboul à Bamako

Various Artists
PIAS - Release 06/09/2019

« De Kaboul à Bama­ko » is a trans­cul­tu­ral pro­ject around the sub­ject of exile and for­ced depar­ture but also about the new beginning.

These two cities, with thou­sands miles from each other, are not boun­ded by a road but by simi­lar des­ti­nies. This musi­cal pro­ject explores the dif­ferent memo­ries and iden­ti­ties of exi­led artists who kept their cultu­ral heri­tage as their only bag­gage. With music, we cross coun­tries like Afgha­nis­tan, Iran, Syria, Kur­dis­tan, Sudan, Ethio­pia, Eri­trea, Ugan­da and Mali. As many natio­na­li­ties as sto­ries car­ried by the same desire of tel­ling these des­ti­nies that thou­sands of men and women share.


Tra­ck­list : 

Mah­wash – Besh­naw az naï (Afgha­nis­tan)

Abdel Gadir Salim – Umri ma ban­sa (Sou­dan)

Waed Bou­has­soun – La pas­sion (Syrie)

Ali­re­za Ghor­ba­ni – Mona­jaat (suite) (Iran)

Arat Kilo – Naf­qot (Ethio­pie)

Nish­ti­man – Kobane (Kur­dis­tan)

Iga­ni­tiyo Eka­cho­li – Elo­si abe­ru aki­pore ima­ni­ti abi­ro (Ougan­da)

Tèwèl­dè Rèd­da – Memo­na (Éry­thrée)

Mah Dam­ba – Sira Jan Koro (Mali)

Alè­mayè­hu Eshè­té – Yèwèyn harè­gi­tu (Ethio­pie)

Ali­re­za Ghor­ba­ni – Del­dar (Iran)

Emma­nuel Jal & Abdel Gabir Salim – Nyam­bol (Sou­dan)

Arat Kilo & Mama­ni Kei­ta – Mada­la (Mali)

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