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De Kaboul à Bamako

Various Artists
PIAS - Release 06/09/2019

« De Kaboul à Bamako » is a transcultural project around the subject of exile and forced departure but also about the new beginning.

These two cities, with thousands miles from each other, are not bounded by a road but by similar destinies. This musical project explores the different memories and identities of exiled artists who kept their cultural heritage as their only baggage. With music, we cross countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Kurdistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda and Mali. As many nationalities as stories carried by the same desire of telling these destinies that thousands of men and women share.


Tracklist : 

Mahwash – Beshnaw az naï (Afghanistan)

Abdel Gadir Salim – Umri ma bansa (Soudan)

Waed Bouhassoun – La passion (Syrie)

Alireza Ghorbani – Monajaat (suite) (Iran)

Arat Kilo – Nafqot (Ethiopie)

Nishtiman – Kobane (Kurdistan)

Iganitiyo Ekacholi – Elosi aberu akipore imaniti abiro (Ouganda)

Tèwèldè Rèdda – Memona (Érythrée)

Mah Damba – Sira Jan Koro (Mali)

Alèmayèhu Eshèté – Yèwèyn harègitu (Ethiopie)

Alireza Ghorbani – Deldar (Iran)

Emmanuel Jal & Abdel Gabir Salim – Nyambol (Soudan)

Arat Kilo & Mamani Keita – Madala (Mali)

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