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À Ciel Ouvert

Socadisc - Release 21/06/2019

After the album « Aux îles fortunées », Kaori are back with their guitars with a new album « A ciel ouvert ».

In the wake of the « Aux îles fortunées », their first opus, Alexis Diawari and Thierry Folcher have once again created a small treasure, an old beautiful friendship story that stills moves them and ac new world to invent.

The quality of the production and the arrangements of Lionel Gaillardin (Benjamin Biolay, Keren Ann, Lisa Portelli) only reinforce the impression of having in their hands a rare album.

« A ciel ouvert » is a subtle mix of bossa, rock, French songs, lyrics about freedom, tolerance, human dignity, and an ode to life like the sweetness of a poem sung by Alexis Diawari and Thierry Folcher.

With Kaori’s music, we hear a clearly recognizable musical color and a guitar play very faithful to the duet.

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