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The Singles

Kasbah Rockers
Barraka El Farnatshi Prod.  - Sortie le 28/06/2024

What started as a Morocco-based side project with diverse Barraka artists from Amira Saqati, Maghrebika & Dar Beida 04, in 2007, became later the Kasbah Rockers (referring to The Clash song Rock The Casbah). A transboundary collective of musicians and singers, mainly from Algeria, Turkey, Senegal, Somalia and Cameroon, that is always looking for inspiring ways to amalgamate multicultural forms of sonic expressions.

From the 33 releases so far, this album regroups the singles that were published between 2014 and early 2024, plus two new tracks.

All the Somali singles feat. Sam J Samatar & Bill Laswell, also including new material, will be released as a separate album in late 2024.

Their eclectic fusions of tribal roots melted with different, deviated forms of Electronica, Dub, Downtempo and Dance influences, etc. They found rapidly the way into many Hollywood soundtracks, contributions for blockbusters, indie arthouse productions, TV series and documentaries.

Listen to the album

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