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Ouzo Bazooka
Stolen Body Records (UK) - Sortie le 27/08/2021
Ouzo Bazoo­ka was for­med in Tel Aviv by Uri Brau­ner Kin­rot, who grew up on the sun­ny shores of the medi­ter­ra­nean sea and has been active in the music scene for over a decade, sha­ping the sound of influen­tial local groups as well as the cri­ti­cal­ly acclai­med medi­ter­ra­nean surf band Boom Pam (cur­rent­ly col­la­bo­ra­ting with Tur­kish psy­che­de­lic-folk legend Sel­da Bağcan).
Tel Aviv’s cultu­ral diver­si­ty ser­ved as the per­fect back­drop for Ouzo Bazooka’s for­ma­tion and the matu­ring of their style ; an exo­tic blend of middle eas­tern sounds and scales, moul­ded toge­ther with fuz­zed psy­che­de­lic surf rock and garage.
Fol­lo­wing the release of their acclai­med self-tit­led debut album in 2014, the band was embra­ced by the local crowd and became somew­hat of a local phe­no­me­na. It was only a mat­ter of time before their sounds rea­ched the Euro­pean front and after a suc­ces­sion of high pro­file fes­ti­val appea­rances, fol­lo­wed by two stel­lar releases, the band posi­tions as the ambas­sa­dors of a new middle eas­tern rock sound was cemented.
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