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4 November 2019
By Niño De Elche
Niño De Elche’s Playlist

Flamenco is an art of counterfeiting, so it is an artistic expression without origin or purpose where we are stranger by nature. Here are 10 bastard examples of the greatness of this musical genre.

Niño De Elche

Niño De Elche
Niño De Elche


Niño de Elche has become a phenomenon in just a few years. For some purist listeners, he’s either a howling monkey or a punk nihilist. For his fans, on the contrary, he’s a very creative vocal virtuoso and an authentic musician of his time. Only one thing is certain: this provocative Niño truly offers a third type of flamenco, which is breaking codes and constantly innovating with a flavour of irony. After Voces del extremo and his Antologia del Cante Flamenco Heterodoxo, he released Colombiana in 2019 and assumes proudly his vocation as a flamenco dynamitor. Disturbing, unclassifiable, outstanding …

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