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In Turkey, singer Helin Bölek dies after 288 days of hunger strike

To chal­lenge the harass­ment exer­ted by the Tur­kish State towards the musi­cians of the musi­cal col­lec­tive Grup Yorum, sin­ger Helin Bölek dies in pri­son after 288 days of hun­ger strike.

A col­lec­tive of tra­di­tio­nal musi­cians, stri­ving for the rights of oppres­sed people, Grup Yorum is an ins­ti­tu­tion of the Tur­kish coun­ter­cul­ture. Their mem­bers have natu­ral­ly been rene­wed during the years.



Helin Bölek, born in 1992, was one of the main voices of Grup Yorum. Consi­de­red as ter­ro­rists by the Erdo­gan admi­nis­tra­tion (accor­ding to the media france tv info), the mem­bers of the band are chas­sed, their concerts are vio­lent­ly inter­rup­ted and their ins­tru­ments are des­troyed by the police. To demand that seven musi­cians of Grup Yorum be relea­sed, that the arrest war­rants against other band mem­bers be drop­ped, and that the pro­hi­bi­tion of their concerts be lif­ted, Helin Bölek had star­ted a hun­ger strike at the end of May 2019. Des­pi­sed by the cur­rent lea­der­ship the sin­ger has died on the 3rd of April, after 288 days of her paci­fist action.


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