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Laço Umbilical

Lusafrica - Release 14/06/2019

The young Cape Ver­dean girl, born in 1986 in São Nico­lau, one of the “winds” islands of the north of the Sahe­lian archipelago.

She publishes her second album Laço Umbi­li­cal, the first link that connects the crea­ture to its land. The thir­teen titles dis­cuss the fol­lo­wing topics : being a woman, being Cape Ver­dean, living far away, loving gra­ve­ly and car­nal­ly.

Luci­be­la demons­tra­ted her abi­li­ty to explore the deep voice sounds in the great Bra­zi­lian sam­bis­tas way and add a vibra­to-like thrill

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