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EP Remix La rumba me va

Antoine TATO Garcia – Ashley Beedle/Art of Tones/Jeff The Fish/Raph Dumas
KaRu prod / One Nation Vinyl Distribution - Release 05/07/2019

EP remix of the Antoine Tato Gar­cia’s title « La Rum­ba me va » by 4 DJs : Ash­ley Beedle (house), Art of Tones (dis­co), Jeff The Fish (nujazz), Raph Dumas (soul).

A limi­ted edi­tion of 300 num­be­red copies, in vinyl only.

Relea­sed on July 5, 2019


Track list :

Ash­ley Beedle Noth Street Remix

Raph Dumas Ful Soul Remix

Art of Tones Exten­ded Dis­co Remix

Jeff The Fish Rework


Avai­lable on : Band­camp

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