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Ensemble Fawaz Baker
Label Hirustica – l’AutreDistribution - Release 15/11/2019

Aleppo is an historical city where millennia-old melodies still resonated since time immemorial in churches, mosques, cafes, in courtyards and terraces of stone buildings. These tunes have been transmitted from generation to generation, from one heart to another and from one musician to another in Arabic, Syriac, Armenian, Turkish or Kurdish, with their beauty as one’s only weapon to ensure they will not be forgotten. Aleppo’s music is a melting pot of faiths and cultures which is distinguished by its tolerance, its openness and its spirituality. It is also very faithful to its original city which rarely capital and never been holy.


Fawaz Baker - Oud, singing

Samir Homsi - drums, vocals

Helena Recalde - double bass, vocals

Manon Courtin - guitar, vocals

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