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a moss’!

La Mòssa
La Curieuse / L’Autre Distribution - Release 20/09/2019

The female vocal ensemble La Mòs­sa will release “a moss’!” On Fri­day, Sep­tem­ber 20, 2019 with La Curieuse / L’Autre Dis­tri­bu­tion label.

Five voices, five per­so­na­li­ties and songs full of sto­ries and emo­tions that reflect the many facets of women. In Ita­lian « La mòs­sa » is « the move­ment ». In Nea­po­li­tan, La Mòs­sa is the pel­vis dance with the final hip blow inven­ted by Nini Tira­bou­chon in the 20s. La Mòs­sa is like a curious woman who walks around the world with her eyes and ears wide open, she looks for an ins­pi­ra­tion, which makes her want to tell, to sing. She wears with deter­mi­na­tion and many pre­cau­tions, in her lit­tle bag, the songs that tou­ched her. La Mòs­sa laughs and dances the light­ness of the taran­tel­las. She sings a time­less tune from Ita­ly, Limou­sin, Reu­nion, Bra­zil or Alba­nia… She is moved and shud­de­red by living again the emo­tions of each sto­ry told. La Mòs­sa also appro­priates some songs gene­ral­ly sung by men, and likes to find other inter­pre­ta­tions. She com­poses, plays with her influences, her ori­gins, her musi­cal loves. And it’s when she knocks on her drums, that she speaks, La Mòs­sa is a group of five dif­ferent and accom­plices women who mixing their sin­gu­lar kinds of voices.

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