#AuxSons ! A collaborative media platform

In the wake of the #Aux­Sons Citoyens cam­pai­gn intro­du­ced by the Zone Franche net­work last year comes a new online media plat­form to pro­mote contem­po­ra­ry world music and the values of diver­si­ty. #Aux​Sons​.com offers an inno­va­tive, crea­tive, mili­tant and sup­por­tive approach, giving new visi­bi­li­ty to music that is open to the world’s vibra­tions ! #Aux​Sons​.com is a col­la­bo­ra­tive plat­form with seve­ral sec­tions open to the crea­ti­vi­ty of artists and sta­ke­hol­ders : forums, news, play­lists, concerts and media focus.

To col­la­bo­rate and vibrate with us, click here.


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