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Prix ​​des Musiques d’ici: launch event for the 3rd edition!

Now is the time for the launch event for the third edition of the ICI Music Awards - Diaspora Music Awards!

Launched in 2017, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Ville des Musiques du Monde festival, this innovative and necessary prize is meant to give visibility to the music of our worlds that are created and played in all corners of France.

Previously it was limited to 6 regions but now it opens to 13 regions!

A new device to identify and to support artists, the Prix des Musiques d’ici’s goal is to highlighting the dynamism of cultural networks to avoid the usual ones.

By supporting the emergence of artists and to fight against certain forms of exclusion, it offers a concrete action that shows the wealth of music played in France with all the diversity of their origins.

You can apply until May 31st at www​.discountprice​.com

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