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Music from here – special edition” : Arab music & innovation during quarantine

The cur­rent pan­de­mic poses many ques­tions among artists around the world. How can we use art to re-ima­gine the world of tomor­row ? Or to express pain, concerns, and hopes during this time of lockdown ?

This situa­tion calls for tes­ting new tools that allow conti­nui­ty of the artis­tic expe­rience through the only safe medium avai­lable now : the Inter­net. So far, musi­cians around the world have used recor­ding tools such as Home Stu­dios or Home Recor­ding tech­niques. This can be an impor­tant step towards upda­ting the music content in the future and inven­ting new artis­tic forms.

In res­ponse to the cur­rent glo­bal lock­down, the Egyp­tian pro­ject “Now­here Online Music Plat­form invites Arab musi­cians and bands resi­ding in the Arab region and abroad to send the musi­cal works they have pro­du­ced during the qua­ran­tine. Plat­form will issue a spe­cial volume of the album “Music from Here”, avai­lable online to stream or down­load for free.

The Now­here Online Music Plat­form, aspires to dis­co­ver musi­cal works pro­du­ced by Arab musi­cians and their part­ners around the world, using dif­ferent pro­duc­tion tech­niques inside their homes and with dif­ferent pro­duc­tion possibilities.

The goal is not to pro­vide musi­cal works that talk direct­ly about the ban or infec­tions or even Covid-19 around the world. The goal is rather to dis­co­ver musi­cal works that car­ry a good tech­ni­cal contri­bu­tion, and which were pro­du­ced during the lock­down. Plat­form aims to archive those mate­rials so that anyone can refe­rence them some­day in the future.

The invi­ta­tion is open to Arab artists resi­ding in the Arab region and abroad and their part­ners around the world. All musi­cal genres and shapes are welcome.

- The bands or musi­cians cho­sen for the last selec­tion will receive a pay­ment for the use of the music product.
– All works sub­mit­ted for par­ti­ci­pa­tion will be put on the Plat­form web­site for lis­te­ning in addi­tion to announ­cing them on social media.
– The final selec­tion pro­cess for the win­ning works will be car­ried out through dif­ferent stages (the best thir­ty music works from the audience’s selec­tion and then the final selec­tion of a music com­mit­tee across the Arab world that includes direc­tors, cri­tics, and musi­cians from the Arab world).
– Applying for par­ti­ci­pa­tion from 5th May 2020 to 5th June 2020
– First selec­tion June 15, 2020
– Final selec­tion June 30, 2020

You can apply here.

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