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#AuxSons and Music In Africa join forces

The Music In Africa Foundation and the webmedia #AuxSons, lead by French NPO Zone Franche, are pleased to announce a media partnership between the two organisations. This partnership will enable Music In Africa and #AuxSons to benefit from their respective resources and focus on the exchange of content published on the organisations’ web platforms, namely www​.musicinafrica​.net and www​.auxsons​.com.

In early 2019, Zone Franche launched #AuxSons, a new online magazine dedicated to worldwide music with an emphasis on cultural diversity. #AuxSons offers an innovative and creative supportive approach, giving new visibility to culturally diverse music. Thanks to a collaborative approach with more than 200 professional contributors specialising in world music, the website amplifies the voices within the sector and acts as a platform for its creativity and dynamism.

#AuxSons is delighted with this collaboration with Music In Africa,”#AuxSons editor Angèle Cossée said. “Our media offerings share the same values and tend towards the same objectives of musical discovery and curiosity. We are highly engaged with the general interest and promotion of the sector’s dynamism. Forming a partnership to exchange our content is a natural fit for #AuxSons, as we aim to develop our international presence.

This partnership is in line with the vision of the Music In Africa Foundation, which in 2013 launched a platform dedicated to the African music industry that aims to support the sector through knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration.

The Foundation also intends to improve collaboration between artists at an international level, through the implementation of various offline projects, and to raise awareness of the African music scene by providing reliable and useful information that promotes the continent’s music sector and its operators.

The African music sector goes far beyond the continent,” Music In Africa editor-in-chief Kalin Pashaliev said. “Many of our most important and successful musicians live and work in the diaspora, and the partnership with #AuxSons will allow for information exchange that bridges the music industries steered and defined by African musicians around the world. The aim is to get as many readers as possible to appreciate the incredible efforts made by these music professionals while elucidating the countless musical cultures that Africa has given to the world.

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