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Times of Maharajas

Dhoad, Les Gitans du Rajasthan
Arc Music Production - Release 28/06/2019

From Rajas­than, heir to an illus­trious fami­ly of Maha­ra­jas musi­cians, “Lit­tle Prince” Rahis Bhar­ti is the lea­der of the Gyp­sies of Rajas­than program.

He drag­ged his tabla and all the beau­ty of his coun­try in his lug­gage. In their words, in the songs, it is Hin­du prin­cesses who are wai­ting for the rain. The bit­ter memo­ry of the old deserts, the illus­trious palaces of the kings of old and always the lan­guo­rous appeal of the belo­ved and the thirsty.

An hea­ted inter­lude out of time and bor­ders. Thanks to them, the whole Indian cultu­ral his­to­ry is revea­led, an oral tra­di­tion trans­mit­ted for seven gene­ra­tions. Today, Rahis Bhar­ti is at the head of an empire. More than a thou­sand concerts around the world have made Dhoad, the gyp­sies of Rajas­than, the cultu­ral ambas­sa­dor of Rajasthan.




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