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Collectif Medz Bazar
In Ouïe Distribution - Release 20/09/2019

O”, the new album of the Collective Medz Bazar will be released on September 20, 2019 at In Ouïe Distribution.

The Collectif Medz Bazar, born in 2012 in Paris, is a group composed of Armenian, Turkish, French and American musicians. Based on their respective traditions as well as those of neighboring cultures, the members together create original arrangements of popular music as well as compositions of their own, which talks about social issues, challenge political and cultural boundaries. On stage, they offers the result of a cross between temperate instruments and traditional modal music with percussions from the Middle East, voices inspired by the popular musics of Minor Asia or Iran, the Caucasian « rabiz », the Thracian rhythms. We can also ear musics from Latin American operetta, hip-hop, swing or bluegrass. They sing about love, justice and equality through their multidimensional music and their explosive energy on stage, the voices of Medz Bazar comes to captivate while inviting the public to cross as many sounds and rhythms as questions about each other and about oneself.

The “O” album is dedicated to love in all its forms: to those who love each other, to those who separate, who discover themselves through others, who yearn for freedom, to those who have pain, to those who hide their tears, to disillusion, to the desire to grow, for the beauty of lying a little bit and knowing how to admit it, to our ability to look into our eyes, and finally being a little less afraid.

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