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Collectif Medz Bazar
In Ouïe Distribution - Release 20/09/2019

O”, the new album of the Col­lec­tive Medz Bazar will be relea­sed on Sep­tem­ber 20, 2019 at In Ouïe Distribution.

The Col­lec­tif Medz Bazar, born in 2012 in Paris, is a group com­po­sed of Arme­nian, Tur­kish, French and Ame­ri­can musi­cians. Based on their res­pec­tive tra­di­tions as well as those of neigh­bo­ring cultures, the mem­bers toge­ther create ori­gi­nal arran­ge­ments of popu­lar music as well as com­po­si­tions of their own, which talks about social issues, chal­lenge poli­ti­cal and cultu­ral boun­da­ries. On stage, they offers the result of a cross bet­ween tem­pe­rate ins­tru­ments and tra­di­tio­nal modal music with per­cus­sions from the Middle East, voices ins­pi­red by the popu­lar musics of Minor Asia or Iran, the Cau­ca­sian « rabiz », the Thra­cian rhythms. We can also ear musics from Latin Ame­ri­can ope­ret­ta, hip-hop, swing or blue­grass. They sing about love, jus­tice and equa­li­ty through their mul­ti­di­men­sio­nal music and their explo­sive ener­gy on stage, the voices of Medz Bazar comes to cap­ti­vate while invi­ting the public to cross as many sounds and rhythms as ques­tions about each other and about oneself.

The “O” album is dedi­ca­ted to love in all its forms : to those who love each other, to those who sepa­rate, who dis­co­ver them­selves through others, who yearn for free­dom, to those who have pain, to those who hide their tears, to disillu­sion, to the desire to grow, for the beau­ty of lying a lit­tle bit and kno­wing how to admit it, to our abi­li­ty to look into our eyes, and final­ly being a lit­tle less afraid.

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