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Hussam Aliwat
Gaya Music Production (L’Autre Distribution) - Release 18/10/2019

Gaya Music Pro­duc­tion (The Other Dis­tri­bu­tion) – Relea­sed on 18/10/2019

Here is a puzz­ling album, with no limit, ori­gin or bor­der. Hus­sam Ali­wat seems to have com­po­sed the music of a thril­ler, a tumul­tuous romance, a wild road trip and a sud­den revolution.

The sur­prise of this album (relea­sed Oct. 18, 2019 on Gaya Music Pro­duc­tion / The Other Dis­tri­bu­tion) lives in the unique car­rier of Hus­sam Ali­wat. The choice of tra­di­tio­nal (oud), clas­si­cal (cel­lo) ins­tru­ments with jazz wri­ting, while impo­sing its self-taught free­dom because he is as pas­sio­nate about hea­vy metal (its dis­tor­tions and its bat­te­ries very straight) as for the Bowie’s eclec­ti­cism. He trans­gres­sed the norms of the oud like other musi­cal geniuses broke the rules of their ins­tru­ments : the ban­do­neon of Piaz­zol­la and the gui­tar of Jimi Hendrix.

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