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a moss’!

La Mòssa
La Curieuse / L’Autre Distribution - Release 20/09/2019

The female vocal ensemble La Mòssa will release “a moss’!” On Friday, September 20, 2019 with La Curieuse / L’Autre Distribution label.

Five voices, five personalities and songs full of stories and emotions that reflect the many facets of women. In Italian « La mòssa » is « the movement ». In Neapolitan, La Mòssa is the pelvis dance with the final hip blow invented by Nini Tirabouchon in the 20s. La Mòssa is like a curious woman who walks around the world with her eyes and ears wide open, she looks for an inspiration, which makes her want to tell, to sing. She wears with determination and many precautions, in her little bag, the songs that touched her. La Mòssa laughs and dances the lightness of the tarantellas. She sings a timeless tune from Italy, Limousin, Reunion, Brazil or Albania… She is moved and shuddered by living again the emotions of each story told. La Mòssa also appropriates some songs generally sung by men, and likes to find other interpretations. She composes, plays with her influences, her origins, her musical loves. And it’s when she knocks on her drums, that she speaks, La Mòssa is a group of five different and accomplices women who mixing their singular kinds of voices.

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